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music that's Lola approved.


As I’m constantly asked, where do you find music?
I thought I would begin to share it as I find it.
Like everyone, I hate crappy music.
BUT I like a lot of crappy music that’s been remixed.
And I like Pop Culture.
Hopefully I’ll have something for everyone.

As far as me:
I like to mix things up by putting my left sock on my right foot sometimes and the same for the other foot. I love pizza. I hate onions. If I had to choose between flying and being invisible I would choose flying because invisibility would come off as creepy to some. My favorite color is pink. Though I hate the artist Pink’s music. I had a dog and I gave her away. I sometimes repeat myself. I had a dog and I gave her away. I love movies and music and many other things, too many to list. I find that only boring people get bored, unless they can’t find something exciting to do.

Hope you like my blog.

One comment on “About

  1. josh
    November 3, 2014

    Dear Tony,

    Thanks for supporting our single “Waves” – please hit me with a mailing address by email when you get a moment. I want to send you a tape.


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