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Notorious TRP Is Now On My Radar And Should Be On Yours Too


Holy crap, this guy’s fire!!! From the looks of his soundcloud page he’s been doing this for at least a year using Mario Paint Composer. But it’s really been the last month that this guy’s been starting to regularly upload. Maybe even one a week? Whatever the case, I’m looking forward to his career. He chooses well known classics and puts his fun twist which works epically. I originally posted this amaze-balls Stevie Wonder remix here before listening to everything else he had. I immediately knew I had to share everything this man had. The release pattern says maybe still in school? So maybe the next three months we’ll see a maximizing of his time with a plethora of new releases.

Here’s some more fire from this self proclaimed “bedroom producer” who “started from the bottom… still at the bottom”


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