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Time For Another Epic Stormtrooper Dump


So as you can tell from the previous three posts today after some time missing, I have some music I wanna share and just a little time. So…thought I’d do another quick dump and single sentence intro to share. Let’s get started.

In no particular order, other than this first post being so amazing

Sia – Chandelier (57th GRAMMYs feat. Kristen Wiig & Maddie Ziegler)
I watched this thing live and was just awe-struck. I’ve been a huge Sia fan since Breathe Me. Seriously if you haven’t seen this thing, you gotta check it out.

Life In Film – Get Closer
Fun little London band that’ll put you in a dancing mood.

Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight
After three years, it’s nice to see Alabama Shakes back in the studio bringing back that old school Janis sound.

Jon Waltz – I’m Lonely
A unique sounding artists that I’m interested in finding more about.

S-Type – Fire ft Yung Gud
One to definitely check out, this short little instrumental is literally fire!

Goodbye Tomorrow – “JAY Z”
Another mystery artist, this time outta Chicago. The difference is the music, visuals, and every other thing about this release is on point.

JUDE. – Without You
This team from Florida label their song as bedroom pop, but I feel it is intensely more. It’s got a dark undertone that’ll haunt you to hit repeat. This song could have been on that Fifty Shade of Grey soundtrack.

Florence + The Machine – How Big How Blue How Beautiful
One of the best acts to come out of Broken Social Scene’s separation is still going strong and not slowing down with the epicness you’d expect. (And to my wife. Yes, I’m making words up again.)

Young Wonder – Intergalactic
Been a fan of Young Wonder since 2012. This song is slowly growing on me and rapidly building my eagerness for a new album from them.

Waterstrider – White Light
This is a song to say fuck you winter, I’m ready for the good vibes of summer coming up. A great song to get some spring cleaning around the house done as you dance with your vacuum cleaner.

Painted Palms – Spinning Signs
Now this is a song I can not tell you why I like. Seriously. Something about it just rings true.


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