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Confessions Of A Glue Addict

Sooooo, right now my favourite show to watch has been Glue on E4 over in England. I started it knowing nothing, and now, I’m obsessed. I kept saying it had the same feel as This Is England ’86 (one of my favourite shows ever) only to find out Glue‘s creator and writer Jack Thorne wrote on This Is England ’86 too. I also noticed it had Jordan Stephens from the group Rizzle Kicks in it. Press releases were as follows:

The show follows what happens when a young boy is found dead underneath the wheels of a tractor in the sleepy village of Overton. As his friends’ secrets slowly come spilling out, the race is on to find out what really happened…

The show is phenomenal: it’s well written, well acted, and visually ethereal. But the reason I’m writing about it here is the fact the music is great too. Three episodes have aired so far. And with each episode, I have walked away checking out a new song online. Episode one reintroduced me to Yellow Ostrich’s older song Hate Me Soon. I had been meaning to write about their song Whale in May but never got around to it. Episode two shared Ibeyi’s Oya which I found I overlooked on a friend of mine’s blog back in June. And yesterday’s episode introduced me to Nick Mulvey’s beautiful Fever To The Form. Nick was part of the 2008 Mercury Prize nominated band Portico Quartet.

I have attached the three songs after the jump. But first you have to check out the trailer for this show. Even the trailer play’s Alt-J’s new Hunger For The Pine.

Yellow Ostrich – Hate Me Soon

Ibeyi – Oya

Nick Mulvey – Fever To The Form


One comment on “Confessions Of A Glue Addict

  1. Bev
    October 20, 2014

    I’m a glue fan too,I’m trying to find a clip of the scene where they play fever to the form but had no luck

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