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White Rappers Like To Drop Stuff At The Same Time

Many white college rappers dropped songs or visuals for songs the last couple days. While I have to keep telling people I know they are not all in college anymore, They still have that feel to them. It’s not a dig at them or the quality of music they play, rather a label (deserving or not) which states the obvious as well as conjures up feelings of optimism from when I was in college. But I digress. The caliber of songs here is short of amazing. First up is one of my favourites.

Hoodie Allen – Movie
After all the beef Hoodie Allen and Mike Stud had recently, Hoodie Allen drops the first single off the new, recently announced album “People Keep Talking”. Pre sales of his album have generated quite a rush as his album quickly rose to number 7 on the iTunes charts. If you don’t know Hoodie Allen, I highly recommend.

D-WHY – Feeling Myself
I was a little late to the D-WHY fan club. I felt something about his early work lacked. But he’s been consistently nurturing his craft and perfecting his bars. He’s already had the confidence and charisma shine in his songs. But now, it’s begging to feel as though he’s procuring a spot for himself and his name.

Cal Scruby – Justin Bieber Rapper Shit
Cal’s been on the scene now for two years or so, and recently is beginning to gain some traction with his singles Gold Coins and All For Ohio. This guy is one to watch for sure.

OnCue – So Much Love
I have been a fan of this guy’s since Leftovers. He dropped this song last week, but today dropped the visuals. His newest album is Angry Young Man and is due next week. On Cue has always impressed and this album has been highly anticipated by many.

Witt Lowry – Lay Here
So, you don’t know who Witt Lowry is? Let me explain. Witt Lowry is Witty. Not Witty funny, but Witty the rapper. He had to change his name due to legal issues. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve only heard a few songs of this guy when he was called Witty. But this one is nice.


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