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Nicki Minaj Is Like A lyrical Jekyll And Hyde, While Riff Raff Pulls a Jucy J To Ride Anyone’s Coat Tails On A Remix

Couple of days ago Nicki Minaj dropped her video for her latest single Anaconda.

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding this song, and honestly I found it to be just that. A lot of hype. The production makes for a fun song, but Nickis raps fall just flat. The last part of the song is just annoying. I feel as the Drake felt the same way with the lap dance performed at the end of the video.

Fast forward two days and Jucy J drops his latest video of Low which featured Nicki Minaj as well as Lil Bibby and Young Thug. I though ohhh crap. Another weak verse for Nicki? Especially when Jucy J started with his simplistic bars at the beginning that felt very elementary. But a minute and a half into the song Nicki starts with a similar style to that of Jucy J’s begging only to release the beast 15 seconds later showcasing why she is one of the best female rappers.

So, I know what your thinking Nicki this, Nicki that. What does this have to do with Riff Raff?
Well yesterday, My friend Mr. Max asked me if I heard the new Riff Raff / Katy Perry song. I had not, but it was one of the first thing that was up on the computer when I turned it on. Mr. Max likes to rival me in my appreciates for all things random Jody Highroller. While Riff Raff’s song doesn’t have the catchiness of Jucy J’s from Dark Horse, it is still fun.

Now to complete the Ménage à trios of Nicki Minaj, Riff Raff, and Jucy J, four hours ago Riff Raff released an LA Leakers Remix of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda where he throws down another random verse after Nicki’s first one. This one sounds odd as the lines sound laid over each other rather than rapped straight through./ You’ll just have to listen to the song to see what I mean. And unfortunately the remix keeps the part I found so annoying.


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