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Top 10 List: Timeflies

Checking my iTunes date added on Timeflies songs shows I’ve been an avid listener since Februrary 20, 2011. I was introduced to them through a song they did with Loggy titled Teenage Dreams. Since then, it’s been an amazing ride. Timeflies Tuesday became on of the highlights of my week where Rapper Cal Shapiro would freestyle over a beat that producer Rob Resnick would create by remixing songs that were popular at the time. Some of their earlier videos walk you through the process of Rez writing out the things for Cal to freestyle about and they always had a theme which made it fun. Since the duo’s start in late 2010, they have released three albums as of yet : The Scotch Tape, Under The Influence, and After Hours. Their youtube page has over 190 videos that they’ve released over the last four years including not just their Timeflies Tuesday freestyles but their official releases as well. This is a group I’ve watched for a while now and still get excited for Tuesday when they have new stuff up. I like their album releases, but it’s truly the production of Rez that steals the show for me as his Timeflies Tuesday remixes seem to allow him more creative control than someway his official releases do.

Here is my top 10 Timeflies songs
3-Game of Thrones
4-Under The Sea
5-Party In The U.S.A
8-Let It Snow
10-Wayward Son

Be sure to hit the jump to watch the last 8 videos.

iTribute (Uploaded on Oct 11, 2011)

D’oh (Uploaded on Oct 18, 2011)

Game of Thrones (Published on Jun 5, 2012)

Under The Sea (original version) (Uploaded on Jun 7, 2011)

Party in the U.S.A. (Published on Jul 1, 2014)

Alcohol (Uploaded on Feb 21, 2012)

Taylor (Published on Sep 25, 2012)

Let it Snow (Published on Dec 24, 2013)

Timber (Published on Dec 10, 2013)

Wayward Son (Uploaded on Jun 14, 2011)


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