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Dump Time! G-Eazy, Jucy J, Rusko, And More!


For my main Memphis man Mr. Keith, i start today’s dump with Jucy J’s remix of Drake’s 0 to 100.

With Rusko’s new album coming July 29th, he released Sunshower a couple of weeks ago. Sorry for the delay getting this gem to ya.

This next song from Apashe was new to me too. Have not heard of him, Panther, or Odalisk, but was pleasantly surprised by the raw aggressiveness of the song. Reminds me of some new grime style.

Play-n-Skillz co-remix Dorrough’s La, La, La

Gonna leave you with my favourite song from the dump, new artist Parker Ighile’s song This Is America (feat. G-Eazy). Absolutely amazing track. I’m thinking about starting a new post series where I introduce new artists emerging on the scene, and Parker would be my first artist.


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