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Party Girls: Ludacris Takes 1997’s Barbie Girl And Remixes It All Freak Sexily?

Gotta give Ludacris some credit. The man doesn’t toss old CDs out. Seriously, has anyone ever bought Aqua’s Barbie Girl in a digital format? I mean, that song was so many people’s guilty pleasure that they would never want anyone to see it on their digital devices. Ask yourself if you’ve ever seen the file in the wild on a device. It’s like a jackolope or unicorn. No one’s ever really seen one, I think.
3 Jackalope Riding Jack PC 5
But Ludacris had to be jamming out to his old CD and getting high as a kite to come up with this one. I imagine the conversation in his head as such:
“Oh my god, this my jam. I gotta get J Wan to put this in the new FF7. I like it almost as much as I love those hoes from Magic City. The only thing is people aren’t going to appreciate the lyrics. They’re a little dated. But, if I do a little slide of tounge and change “life is plastic, it’s fantastic” to “tittes plastic, ass fantastic”…..oh s#!t. That’ll work. Tittes plastic, ass…no, it’s off just a little. Wait! Jeremih could sing it to get those hoes to drop their skirts. Yeeeaaah.”
That’s probably how it happened.
Or not. In fact, it was probably nothing like that at all. I’m not gonna lie. That was all me. Ludacris probably doesn’t sound that WASPy. Regardless, check out the damn song. It just dropped.


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