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Fighting The Music Machine Will Give You Big MVSCLES. And MVSCLES Will Give You Somethin After A Year.


A year ago MVSCLES released two beautiful gems into the world. After that, they disappeared from what seamed like the face of Earth. But two days ago, guess whose back? No, not Eminem. MVSCLES are back. So what happened to these amazing artists? They got signed is what happened. Hooray right? No! They got a bad deal is what they got. And now it seems the deal is over. Apparently, blogger Confusion found out:

“The duo, Chad and Cat, got linked up with a powerful label. “We’re not supposed to say who or give specifics,” Cat explains. “It’s part of the terms of being free with the rights to our music. Basically, they wanted to add songwriters and producers to our music. When we said no way they shut us out. They also wanted to change our band name. We had an identity crisis for a bit. We spent months having to stay quiet as a band and in the dark with our label. Chad worked as a mover. We kept polishing the productions and songs all year, and finally after over a year of being trapped they let us go. We’ve never appreciated the ability to release our music as much as we do now. We feel so thankful.”

I know it must have been hard for the group to maintain with the sight of success right there, but I’m glad they stood up to the machine and kept themselves original and true. Quite the controversy to go against them. They got a fan for life out of me just for that!

Here’s the three songs they’ve got so far. Enjoy!


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