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Another Day, Another Dump


Here’s a random list of song I found today but don’t have time to write much about. Hope you find something you like.

Really digging this one. David Audet is a Canadian producer who’s new to me, but I’m digging this song and will probably check some more of his stuff out

Next up is a band that’s on my one to watch list: Twenty One Pilots. This is a remix of Guns For Hands by another set of Canadian producers Dzeko & Torres. This remix is a little more House, but still pretty awesome.

Next, thought we could take it back a couple of years to The Fray’s hit How To Save A Life. Malta producer Husko stretches this bad boy to 6minutes and 15 seconds of dancey music. Again, hitting that progressive house vibe.

Everyone knows I’m a B.o.B fan and Coucheron from Norway kills Headband with a remix style he himself labeled as cheese. Haven’t really cared for this song before this version.

For those songs that get overplayed on the radio, the only saving grace is when someone can remix them into something completely new. That’s the case for OneRepublic’s Counting Stars. SirensCeol takes that stuff and flips it to something fricken sweet.

Last up is Figgy’s summer remix of T-Pain’s Can’t Belive it. Again, not a song I’ve cared for before, but now I like.

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