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First Dump Of 2014 Includes Borgeous, Låpsley, Dessert, Party Supplies, and Morri$

Another week, another list of songs I couldn’t get through.
Here’s my second installment of Weekly Dump (though might not be weekly). Think I might share some posts on these dumps from which I highly recommend for prepping for random trivia.

First up is Borgeous’ new song Invincible. Quite the switch up for Borgeous’s drop, but sure to be a big hit in the upcoming festival season.

Next up is newcomer Låpsley. At only 17 years old (Lorde anyone?), this British singer might have you fooled on Stations into thinking she has a co-vocalist. But as her Soundcloud page states: “(dropped the pitch of vocals btw, no co-vocalist, aint nobody got tym fo dat)”. Stations is quite the ethereal sound that wraps you up and rocks you till you know everything is sure to be ok. Simply beautiful. Definitely one to watch.

Now here’s one that’s been out for a month that I just came across: Dessert. Honestly, I don’t know anything about this group yet. But Lovelink fricken’ rock balls! Definitely not same old same old music industry crapola. Look forward to more like this from this group.

Moving on.

Party Supplies is moving into their sophomore album, and this New York duo craft a fun little ditty that makes you feel like you’re back in some hay day of yore. More specifically, the 80s or 90s. Nonetheless, quite an enjoyable song for driving around on a cool day with the windows down looking to just get lost and not even care.

Last to share is a remix of Katy B.’s Crying For No Reason by Morri$. I’m not a big Katy B. fan at all, but I dig Morri$’s remix. Very laid back and chill.


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