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Justin Bieber Retired Last Night And Ruined Christmas For Many Fans. Oh Well, Here’s New Timeflies With Let It Snow.


Maybe it’s because the Washington Post gave bad reviews to Justin’s new album just two days ago that the fever inducing Bieber is retiring. And a classy retiring it is via twitter.


I might get all worked up about this if I didn’t live with this crap everyday. My middle child is constantly pouting because nobody likes her even though her other sisters and friends are right beside her saying they never said that and what her to play. And she’s five. Whatever. For a better listening experience, here’s the new Timeflies Tuesday. Now that I look through my posts, I’m not sure I’ve shared this gem which has been brewing on the internet for well over two years now and should blow up any day now. Definitely one to watch. I’ll write a top 10 for these guys soon. Here’s Let It Snow.


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This entry was posted on December 25, 2013 by in freestyle, new artist, one to watch, rap and tagged , , , , , .

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