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Woodkid Will Make You Happy For 24 Hours With Pharrell. Oh, And He Explodes With Volcano.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 2.01.19 PM

So, I was gonna write another post on Woodkid because he tweeted a video from a performance of his from Paris


The video debuts a new instrumental of his, that in my opinion, is better than Kanye’s new stuff off Yeezus. And his visuals look pretty intense too.

Then to my surprise, another tweet came.


First, I didn’t know the genius was the creative director for Pharrell. Second, a 24 hour video for a song is a pretty big order to swallow. I’ll admitI’m only an hour or so into watching it myself and it’s fun. As the song repeats, you get another person(s) walking/dancing/lip synching the song towards the camera. The three hispanics were fun to watch around 2:45pm. Seriously though. This concept was great. I’m sure the meeting went down something like:

Yoann Lemoine (Woodkid) walks into Pharrell’s office with an iPad all super excited
Woodkid: Pharrell, Pharrell! I got it!
Pharrell: Got what Yoan?
Woodkid: Look at this.
Pharrell: Yoan! You know I only work on HPs. Remember? The computer is personal again?
Woodkid: OK?
Pharrell: What is is? I’ll bring it up on my new HP ENVY Phoenix 810-170st.
Woodkid: Go to youtube. You know how when you and Chad Hugo went all butt hurt and broke up N.E.R.D.? What’s the first thing you did to cheer yourself up?
Pharrell: Swam in my money like Scrooge McDuck?
Woodkid: After that.
Pharrell: Whatched kitty videos online.
Woodkid: Exactly! Everybody does!
Pharrell: Like this one Hat Cat. Or my favorite, Surprised Kitty. Seriously, Yoann, you gotta see this.
Woodkid: I know, I know. But think about this. When you’re down and need a pick me up. Instead of watching kitty videos, what about watching the music video for your new song Happy?
Pharrell: But my song is but minutes long. Heartbreak last at least 23 hours.
Woodkid: That’s why I was thinking 24 hours of your song. We’ll just replay it over and over. You can put a post on Craigslist for people to lip synch so you don’t have to do it for 24 hours straight
Pharrell: Yoann, you’re a genius!

I think it went something like that probably. However it went down, you gotta go to and just let it play.
Or after the jump you can watch the video broken down into four hour segments from youtube.


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