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Walk Off The Earth. An Experience That Will Move You In A Positive Way


Sooooo…looking for new music today. Was getting kinda bored with the same ‘ol same ‘ol, and I stumbled upon a new cover of Wrecking Ball. I still like that over played song. The cover was ok, but I was intrigued by two of the singers. Long story short, one of the singers was Sarah Blackwood who does lots of covers. And I love me some covers. Not only does she have a series of covers she recorded in bathrooms, she’s in a band called Walk Off The Earth who does covers too. The thing I like most about this group is the folky sound they have. And they have a ukulele. Again, I’m a sucker for the ukulele. I’m beginning to feel as though this group was formed for me even though I’m late to the game finding them.
Ironic thing is, as I’m scurrying now to find everything about them that I can, I’ve seen and heard some of their stuff before. You may have too. They’re the ones that had the video of all five band members playing the same guitar while singing Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know. Originally I thought it was just a gimmick for exposure, but you can find videos of them performing it live. Second look is pretty impressive.
Seriously, this group is über talented. They have an original song called Gang of Rhythm where the video is a remake of George Clooney’s movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?. Then the group decided to make another video for the song where they used a 2014 Volkswagen Beetle to recreate some of the sounds in the song.
Be aware though. At first, viewing all the offerings they have on youtube, you might think that former The Creepshow front woman Sarah Blackwood is the talent of the group, or Gianni Luminati is the talent. You might say Ryan Marshall drives the group to what it is today. Some even swear by Joel Cassady’s contributions. But the more I watch the videos, I feel as though it’s Mike Taylor (AKA Beard Guy) whose subtleties are the genius of the whole. As you watch some videos you’ll see what I mean.
But on to the music. First I have a newerish video posted about 3 months ago of Lorde’s Royals. Again, this one’s kinda gimmicky, but it’s genius is subtle and it’s just fun. After the jump I’m gonna post more videos of the group’s covers and solo covers after their original song Speeches which was recently released and off their first major record label album R.E.V.O. which stands for Realize Every Victory Outright. All in all, this Canadian band is just fun and uplifting. Enjoy.

Look up any videos of Walk Off The Earth on youtube but type in gasometer ( a concert they did early March this year in Vienna) to see them in a live performance where band member Sarah Blackwood’s rocking out at an 11 with her ukulele and obviously in her third trimester of pregnancy. Can’t get much more hardcore than that.


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