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5 Years Is Up For Miley Cyrus. South Park’s Harvest Is Ready. We Need A Suicide


So, I think South Park’s harvest must rotate every 5 years because as the entire world knows by now, Miley Cyrus hit a peak in her career where she might have outdone Brittany spears’ ill advised 2007 VMA performance and the entire world is ready to critique and criticize. Just like Brittany, everyone’s on the band wagon needing a good human sacrifice. And as the villagers said at the end of the episode, in a civilized new world we don’t stone anymore, we have to drive them to commit suicide. On the episode which aired in 2008 it ended with the news broadcasting that Miley Cyrus is the next raising superstar and everyone begins to target her as the next sacrifice. Granted I’ll give you it was a horrible performance that was liked by…..maybe someone, but seriously. They say no publicity is bad publicity right? Kinda like she was a Wrecking Ball right? Right?
You know the same day she performed on the VMAs a new song called Wrecking Ball leaked? Well, it did. And it’s below for you to check out. I’m not like crazy leave Brittany alone guy, but I like Miley’s new music and am eagerly anticipating her new album Bangers on October 8th. Listen below and see what you think. It’s kinda like a power ballad. My daughters love it. You will too. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Here’s the new video for Wreckingball


2 comments on “5 Years Is Up For Miley Cyrus. South Park’s Harvest Is Ready. We Need A Suicide

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  2. Rachel G.
    December 12, 2013

    OMG THAT SOOOO SAD. EVEN sadder than miley getting robbed on her bday :((((((((

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