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Why Didn’t Daft Punk Wind Me Down Like They Did The Japanese?


When you get all worked up over something (like the new Daft Punk album Random Access Memories), sometimes it’s good to just sit back and relax. What’s nice is when the person or thing (like Daft Punk’s album Random Access Memories) helps you wind down and get back to reality (like Daft Punk’s new album Random Access Memories really dropped this last week). But sometimes, people love some countries and hate others and their exports so (Captain America I’m told is somewhat partial to South America, and totally hates anything british like One Direction).
But I say this stuff (Daft Punk) because (Daft Punk) Daft Punk (Daft Punk) released (Daft Punk) an (Daft Punk) exclusive (Daft Punk) song (Daft Punk) on (Daft Punk) the (Daft Punk) japanese (Daft Punk) import.


Enjoy the calm.


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This entry was posted on May 21, 2013 by in electronic, minimalist, music, top 40 and tagged , , , , , , .

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