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Diva Calm Down, It’s Just A Song


When you’re one of VH1’s original divas from 1998, you know your music is accessible to a lot of ears. Your stuff’s been heard to say the least. That’s Mariah Carey’s case. She’s got a classic christmas album. I mean christmas song. She’s got a song on a Disney movie. She’s sang at a president’s inaugural ball. She’s the only one that comes to my mind that can hit notes high enough to communicate with dolphins. But, it’s been some time since some of her music has been played. And to be honest, kids these days like different stuff. I mean, I can’t remember being a kid and anyone I know thinking it was a great idea to eat bathsalts. Ignore the holes in my argument. Dreamlover is a song I remember plying a lot as a kid. And, as you probably noticed, hasn’t been played a lot recently, right? Anyway. Enter Raffertie. Raffertie is a London Dj, producer who remixes and writes some of his own songs. This man’s the whole shebang. His recent endeavor is, you guessed it, Dreamlover. But not like you’d think. Raffertie renames it Build Me Up and gives it more of a darker edge. But at the same time it’s a sexy, I’m in a dark corner, get to know me kind of feeling to it. Give it a hit and see what you think.


One comment on “Diva Calm Down, It’s Just A Song

  1. Bruno Guerra
    May 21, 2013


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