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Crassness To Make Yourself Think


For some reason tonight I wanted to hear some Bo Burnham. I saw him last year in Madison where he performed some new material that I’ve have been eagerly awaiting for ever since. But when I looked online, It seems Mr. Burnham has taken a sabbatical from the social mediums. His website was missing videos. His blog hadn’t been updated since 2009. His youtube account didn’t have anything new in the last two years. And he only had one post on Facebook. But the post was about a studio version of Nerds which is the song he closed his live show with last year. Talk about WOW! Not often do comedians take a social activist stance. But be prepared for some harsh language. 22 Curse words doesn’t sound like much. But it really depends what the words are and how quick you get them. It reminds me of a line from Kevin Smith’s movie Chasing Amy where Alyssa explains the use of degrading sexual terms: “We say it to mask the pain, you say it for lack of a better expression at any given moment”. Let me know what you think.


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This entry was posted on March 7, 2013 by in music and tagged , , .

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