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If Charles in Charge had a more accurate theme song


Last night I watched an SNL show that was so horrible, I thought I was watching one from the early 2000s after Will Ferrell left. Now I know seasons have their ups and downs, but this was a deep low. The only saving grace was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. As great as the performance was, it was still disheartening that Macklemore’s mic was to low to be heard well over the horns. None the less, it was fun to see my kid’s favourite song, Thrift Store, performed live. So in response to his awesome performance, I give you my favourite Macklemore song, Stay At Home Dad. Macklemore has always been able to do more than rap, he tells stories. He stays true to what hip hop’s core is. But he does it in a way that’s fun. I mean anyone who writes a song titled Penis Song (off his The Language of My World LP) and he raps about wanting a bigger member has got to be comfortable with himself. But still, Stay At Home Dad will grasp you from the get go with it’s witty banter and sharp self realizations, and make you smile. Macklemore deserves all the Hype he’s receiving, be it from the NBA commercial, the Microsoft commercial, the magazine articles. The man has paid his dues, and proven to be one of the best MCs not just in Seattle, but in general right now. After the jump check out my three favourite videos of his.


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