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While The Postal Service Doesn’t Always Deliver My Mail, This Postal Service Always Delivers The Goods

So I just moved last month, and I’m still getting stuff in the mail I should have had before the move. I guess like Milli Vanilli say’s
“Blame it on the rain that was falling, falling
Blame it on the stars that did shine at night
Whatever you do don’t put the blame on you
Blame it on the rain yeah yeah”
Whatever. One Postal Service that always makes my day is Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello’s. Still, 10 years later, one of my favourite bands. And while they’re re-releasing the album with all the single’s b sides and remixes and covers included, they are adding two new songs “Turn Around” and “A Tattered Line of String”. Now, A Tattered Line of String already has a video out which is….eeehhhh.?.? Team Bayside High has stepped up though and brought the goods. A chill trap remix of the classic Such Great Heights. Listen below in awe then head over to their Facebook page here and like them for a free download.


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This entry was posted on February 21, 2013 by in music, remix, trap and tagged , , , , , , .

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